The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The movie was good, they had some good features that the book didnt have. I don’t however think I would like the movie as well if I didn’t read the book first, so I guess what they say about reading the book first is true. They showed some side characters differently and some I liked while some I didn’t . I enjoyed Changez’s work friend in the movie while in the book I didn’t really care for the character. Jim and Erica however where in my opinion better in the book, they were more complex and were generally featured more in the book than the movie.




The movie Outsourced is a movie where the company Todd (the main character) works for is outsourcing to India. This means that they are paying the people in India to work for them, and they do it a lot cheaper. The movie shows you a lot of the Indian culture but is more focused on how a person from America fits their culture. Todd has to deal with many new things when he moves to India, and the movie demonstrates how the Indian culture is very different from the American culture. At the start of the movie, Todd was a regular American with a normal job and now he had to move alone to India, a country with a very special and different culture to what he was used to.

Upon Todd’s arrival to India, we already see how different things work in India as Todd is questioned whether he is gay since he is not married yet. Apparently, in India it’s not socially acceptable to not be married at his age, while in America it’s completely normal. Todd had to deal with many differences, for instance the way they ate. In India it’s not normal to eat with your left hand because it’s considered dirty. Todd of course didn’t know this and ate with his left hand. After the Indians told Todd how they ate, he changed the way he ate.

Todd had a difficult start in India thanks to the food poisoning he got from an ice drink of some sort, and that he had to run and catch the subway while running. But after a while the culture grew on him, especially the day of the Holi festival. I think the Holi festival was when Todd started to embrace the Indian culture, and I think he appreciated the festival perhaps since they didn’t do anything like it in America, and therefore it took him by surprise.

When Todd arrived in India he was perhaps a bit arrogant in his perception of the Indian culture and he had an ethnocentric view of India, but after his stay I think he learned a lot from their culture brought a lot of the good things from their culture with him back to America. When Todd returned to America you see he had a phone conversation with his mom telling her that he is going to visit her, something we saw earlier in the movie that he didn’t tend to do a lot before. That clip showed us that he learned a lot from his trip and that he took many of the things he learned with him. Such as the Indian view on family and genuine human interaction.

To conclude I think that the movie showed you that Americans is perhaps a bit worse at staying with your family, and the Indians is perhaps a bit more family oriented than Americans. I believe the importance of family was the most important thing Todd learned about while living in India. The movie also compared the cultures a lot and I think that the Indians seemed more invested in family than career, while Americans were presented as more career oriented.

I think the movie gave us a good insight into how people’s perspectives can totally change, and that culture is easy to misinterpretate from an outsider’s perspective. You see that in the way Todd’s perspective changes throughout the movie.

-Morten Ord


The #MeToo campaign aims to help prevent sexual harassment in the work place. The way they do this is by people standing up, speaking out about their experience with sexual harassment. There is many famous people speaking out about this like Taylor Swift and so on, but does it work?

There are many sceptics about this matter who believes the campaign will not work and that sexual harassment is going to happen in some degree either way. Personally I think the campaign is a good thing, and the reason I think it’s working is because the people that are being harassed is almost always harassed by their superiors, which shows that the reason a lot of them dare harassing their co-workers is because they have the power to do so. In addition, the metoo campaign is making those people fear losing their own job or being blamed for sexual harassment since so many other people are being blamed for it thanks to the metoo campaign.

To summarize I think that the #MeToo camapaign is a great way of stopping sexual harassment in the workplace since the campaign will make the people who usually does it think twice after watching what’s happening to the careers of the people who were blamed.

– Morten Ord

Writing assignment after watching the movie ”Gran Torino”

Getting to know different cultures can change once belief system because their influence may make you think twice. People often don’t really understand the other cultures before experiencing them for themselves. Some people may not really be open to any other cultures than their own, and those people may change their mind when they get to know people from those cultures and finding out their much alike in some ways.

It seemed that Thao and Sue had a difficult uprising and a couple of challenges for being second-generation immigrants. Their challenges where that they both had some family members who already had gone dark road without any education, and Thao being forced to join their gang. It also seemed as though they were expected to go down the same road, instead of getting a real future for themselves. Another thing I saw in the movie was that it didn’t seem as they got along with the American culture and just kept to themselves throughout the movie. It also seemed as though they didn’t have much money perhaps because of their parents not getting an education as well which may be the reason Thao got a job instead of going to school.

-Morten Ord

Free for all and my son the fanatic

Two very similar short stories about some problematic father-son relationships after moving from a different country

Free for all is a story initially about a family who moved from India to USA for a better life. The son in the story wants to become a singer, the problem however is that the father wants his son to become a doctor or an engineer. The father has problems reaching his son and has demands about what he should, or more specifically not do with his life. The father has difficulty coping with the laws and culture they have in America. His father comes from a place where the father is much more respected and when the father doesn’t get the respect he deserves from his son, then the father takes the law in to his own hands.

My son the fanatic is also a story about father and son issues, the father in the story moved from Pakistan to make his live better. After moving he had a son and worked as a taxi-driver. When his son grew up his dad seem to have a problem with his son being distant, the father is trying to figure out what the problem is and find out the his son has become extremely religious and pray three times a day. The father is not religious which his son has a problem.

-Morten Ord

Operation days work

The goal of operation days’ work is to raise money and awareness of the issues in less fortunate places in the world. The goal was to raise as much money as possible, and everyone had participate and make 400kr or go to school and join the activities that were planned.

At the international day I had to help the students understand their tasks, and explain what they were supposed to do. Personally, I choose to stay at the school gym and help arrange handicap-dodgeball. The handicaps were meant to show how the poor people struggled while the rich people lived great. To prepare for the international day I made posters about what we were going to do at the school gym, at the gym the students had to play dodgeball with handicaps. The posters were all around the school and where meant to show the students what they were supposed to do at the international day and show awareness. We also prepared by planning everything out in the gym, we choose our activity, and we organised how we were going to split the classed in to teams beforehand.

The reason we organised everything in the gym the way we did was that we thought it made the most sense, the way we ended up organising the classes made it so there wouldn’t be to many or few people on each team. I felt like that was something we did really well. At the school gym we had classes coming to the gym about every 40 minutes were they played dodgeball, and where we rotated after 20 minutes so the each team played with handicap. After both teams got to play with each handicap they were done.

On the international day work I felt like the posts were set up good, however I felt like the students really didn’t know where to go which was a bit of a problem, the questions they asked indicated that they didn’t know anything about operation days’ work. Another thing was that after people realised that they could just leave without getting any absence, they left or hid in the cafeteria or library, which made it harder to organize the dodgeball teams.

Personally I felt like operation days’ work was a success, almost everything went after the plan with organizing dodgeball and so on. Nevertheless next time it think it would be smart to give the people who didn’t attend the groups absence in a way. By planning operation days’ work I learned that organizing a couple classes in to teams and get them to listen Is harder than it sounds, I also learned that im not going to become a gym teacher for this very reason. However I think I did ok on executing and planning the day.

– Morten

Niger delta blues

Niger delta blues is a song by the BANTU crew. The song explains a lot about the situation they have at the Niger Delta through the lyric of the song. In the first verse we hear a lot about bad living situations in Nigeria. For instance ‘’caused by the oil industry in the Niger delta the inhumane conditions under which our people are forced to live is a constant reminder that we do not belong to the artificial entity called Nigeria”. I think this is the issue they want to get across in the song, they explain their problem with the  oil industry and the people in Nigeria’s living conditions.

In the lyric, they also explain a lot about the issues they have with disease and the fact that they don’t have medical clinics in most their villages. We are also informed about spesific diseases like malaria, typhoid and cholera. I think this is because they really want people to sympathize of they’re conditions.

In short, the song explains many of the issues the people are having there and that no one don’t seem to care or do something about it. They also are very direct in their lyric about the issue, which may indicate that they’re really desperate about getting change.


Girl rising

Girl rising tells the story about nine empowered girls from the developing world. The movie is about the nine girl’s goal to have an education. The movie shows aspects that include child labor, little or no access to education, poverty, and arranged marriage. Despite these obstacles, the brave girls offer hope and inspiration by getting an education. This movie also presents statistics, which shows that women’s education will benefit economic growth and so on.

I found this movie good but perhaps not something everyone would enjoy to watch. It’s a documentary, which shows many factors from the development countries that can be hard for some to watch, but for others it might just be a revelation, which I do believe, is what the documentary intends to show. I think there were many good narrators in the movie, mostly Liam Neeson who was the main narrator.

I’m not sure I enjoyed how the movie was structured, mostly because the documentary was about nine different girls who had no ties to each other other than their stories might have been a bit similar. Nevertheless, I do believe they made the best out of it. The Nepal chapter made the biggest impression on me, the reason is that she left a lot out from the story. There where details she wouldn’t share, which made you wonder how much she actually went through, and left a lot open to interpretation. ‘’One girl with a courage is a revolution’’ is a phrase that sums up well everything the movie is trying to show. I believe the movie is trying to tell a story that empowers women, and at the same time is trying to influence other people in a way that make them also wanting to help women from developing countries. That is the reason I believe the movie is good, because combines a regular drama movie and a documentary. The way they made it dramatic instead of fully fact based made it more interesting to watch in my opinion.

The movie made me empathize with the girls and the reasons is the way they narrated over the story I believe, they had the character speak over the video, which in some places a bit more relatable. The way they narrated over the story like they didn’t consider themselves as victims made it even more of a reason to sympathize to their story I believe. I think the movie made many people who are not yet aware of this issue empathize and maybe want to help in a way, girl rising was founded as a campaign called 10×10. The movies objective I believe is to make people empathize and perhaps make people inspired after watching the movie, which I think they did successfully.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys documentaries. However, I also believe this movie can be enjoyed by for other people who normally dislike documentaries manly because it is a bit more interesting than a regular documentary because of their way of rather make you empathize to the women in the story then to just present facts.


No poverty by 2030

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) for those who don’t know is united nation’s goals to acheve by 2030. United nation has 17 goals to acheve by 2030 and ending poverty is one of them.

836 million people still live in extreme poverty. This is something the SDGs (sustainable development goals) is trying to end. Acheving their goal is statistically possible. No poverty is number 1 on the 17 goals and maybe that’s because it’s the most important, atleast i believe so. I don’t think i need to explain why ending poverty is one of the if not the most important goal.

According to the article by united nations about one in five people in developing regions lives on less than 1,25$ per day, this is should be one of their biggest priorities. By 2030 they want to reduce atleast by half the proportion of men, women and children of all ages living in poverty in all it’s dimensions according to national definitions. Personally i believe ending extreme poverty and choose that as an first pirority is the best decision. Extreme poverty means that you live with less than 1,25$ per day. And that’s the biggest issue and if they can’t end all poverty by 2030 they should atleast acheve ending extreme poverty.


– Morten Ord

Did climate change intensify hurricane harvey?

According to the article by there have been scientists who have indicated that climate changes intensified the hurricane harvey. Reading the article made me think about how much of an effect it had or if it really have any at all. And it also made me think that maybe we should think of the ”sustainable development goals” and really look at number 13 about ”climate action”. Sustainable development goals suggest that we are going to take urgent action to combat climate change and it’s impacts, and this is one of them.

Reading the article made me think about how serious this issue really is, the flood and climate change actions we need to take. Something i would like to learn more about is how much of an impact did climate change have to the hurricane. If we had more statistics about the hurricane people may have been more motivated to make more of a change. I believe people would be more motivated to make more climatic changes, when people see things happen in front of them it helps them realise the issue.

I do believe the statements of the scientists in the article but we don’t really get any accurate statistics, whitch is something that makes it hard to take it serious in my opinion. They also mentioned that this is something that will happen more as the planet warms. That is why i believe we probobly should prioritiese climate action more when it comes to the sustainable development goals.


– Morten Ord